Cloud Pruning Expertise


King Garden is an International Landscape Design and Expert Care Firm that weaves together expert horticultural knowledge, landscape design expertise, and the hands-on craftsmanship of plant sculpture and training.

King Garden’s ISA Certified Arborists know when and how to care for, prune and thin your valuable boxwood shrubs be it a city or country residence; including topiary, hedges and cloud pruned boxwood for optimal beauty and plant health. We also assist in property oversight; guiding and directing landscape services. We draw on our network of experts.

We enjoy guiding the ongoing personalized care of your Cloud Pruned Plantings so that as they mature and change, their original design intent is preserved.

King Garden is pleased to Collaborate and consult for many talented professionals.


Our proven approach of thinning plants and diagnosing overall health leads to healthier plants which require less care to maintain and are more resilient to challenges from weather, pests and disease. We utilize our hand-picked suppliers sourcing specialty, rare and large specimens for your garden.

We can restore neglected plantings miraculously with renovation pruning, fertilization, care and attention. We also have experience caring for potted plantings; pruning, fertilizing, winterizing and re-potting as needed.

We Delighted In Successfully Performed Rejuvenation Pruning and Shaping of an Historic Hudson Valley Estate Boxwood Cloud Allée Aged 100 Years Old, Measuring 300 Linear Feet .

We begin with a pruning consultation. We carefully listen to your wishes and concerns, we follow up with a garden care proposal.

For mature gardens and estates we create a successful garden care program; this can include: regular garden visits to ensure plant health, periodic pruning and fertilization.


Expert Pruning Training

We are pleased to offer on-site personalized pruning lessons and training for professionals, individuals and groups.