Hedge Experts


Expert Pruning and Garden Care

King Garden Designs' ISA Certified Arborists know when and how to prune and thin interior of your privacy hedges and parterre’s for optimal beauty and plant health. Our approach of thinning hedges and diagnosing overall health leads to healthier plants which require less care to maintain and are more resilient to challenges from weather, pests and disease. We also assist in residential property oversight; guiding and directing landscape services. We draw on our network of experts. Our unique hands-on approach and attention to detail create incredible results.

Expert Pruning Training

We are pleased to offer on-site personalized pruning lessons and training for professionals, individuals and groups.

We can restore neglected hedges miraculously with renovation pruning, fertilization, care and attention.

We offer on-going property care to insure that as your gardens develop and change the original design intent is preserved.

  • Tree Assessments, Tree Inventory, Tree Care And Pruning

  • Periodic Pruning To Retain Plant Shape, Scale And Health

  • Periodic Site Visits To Insure Proper Garden Care Is Given

  • Property Assessments and Oversight

  • Annual Maintenance and Garden Care Contracts

Fine Gardening Magazine

Fine Gardening Magazine