June Fruit of Amelanchier - Shadbush or serviceberry

June Fruit of Amelanchier - Shadbush or serviceberry

Orchard Expertise

Fruit trees add so much to a garden: color, creativity, nutrition and harvest. King Garden’s ISA Certified Arborists know when and how to prune your fruiting trees (Crab Apple, Apple, Pear, Cherry, Peach, Apricot, Plum and others) including espalier for optimal fruit production, beauty and plant health. We can also assist with the pruning and care of your other fruiting plants: grapes, currants, blue berries, raspberries and others. Our unique hands-on approach, utilization of Art and Science and attention to detail create incredible results.


Over time this care and attention yields tremendous results - creating beautiful, productive fruiting trees and espalier with healthy sustainable growth - a great investment.

We can design and plant a new orchard with your favorite varieties. We can also restore neglected orchards miraculously with renovation pruning, care and attention. We utilize our hand-picked suppliers sourcing specialty fruit tree/espalier, heirloom and many rare varieties for your garden.